QSDA2018 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Qlik Sense and QlikView Certifications are master level tests, intended for clients with hands-on involvement with an assortment of Qlik applications or arrangements.

Qlik Sense Qualifications are central level tests intended for clients who can show fundamental and connected information utilizing Qlik Sense work area.

Qlik likewise offers item skeptic Data Literacy and Data Analytics Certifications.

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QSDA2018 Sample Exam Questions

Question No 1:

A company builds several apps to help analyze product performance

Each app is for a specific business area: Marketing,Sales, or Production
• Users must see updated data daily
• Data is taken from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW)
• Change requests for the data warehouse take approximately 6 weeks
• One of the dimensions used across all of the apps is product group
• There are six different product groups

To provide users with an intuitive way of working with data, the colors that represent the product groups must be the same in all apps The RGB color codes for each product group will be provided to the data architect by e-mail
How should the data architect add consistent colors for the product group dimension that are easy to maintain?

A. Add the color codes using a text file
B. Add the color codes using expressions
C. Add the color codes in the EDW
D. Add the color codes using variables

Answer: A

Question No 2:

A healthcare organization needs anapp to track patient encounters, patient lab orders, and patient medications.
• Encounters, lab orders, and medication data are maintained in three separate tables linked by PatientID
• PatientID values in all three tables are completely accurate
• Patients may have encounters without lab orders or medications
The data architect needs to make sure that the count of patient lab orders is correct. Which method should the data architect to meet this requirement?

A. Load all three tables, create a copy of PatientID in the lab orders table as LabPatientID, and use Count(DistinctLabPatientID)
B. Load all three tables and use Count{Distinct PatientID)
C. Load all three tables and use Count(PatientlD)
D. Load all three tables, create a copy of PatientID in the lab orders table as LabPatientID, and use Count(LabPatientlD)

Answer: A